Build user images

Build user images

Mogan bare metal provisioning supports two types of images, partition images and whole disk images.

But we only support local boot, so it’s important to note that in order for this to work, the partition image being deployed with Mogan must contain grub2 installed within it.

Config Drive

The configuration drive is used to store server specific metadata. Cloud-init has a collection of data source modules, so when building the image with disk-image-builder we have to define DIB_CLOUD_INIT_DATASOURCES environment variable and set the appropriate sources to enable the configuration drive, for example:

DIB_CLOUD_INIT_DATASOURCES="ConfigDrive, OpenStack" disk-image-create -o fedora-cloud-image fedora baremetal grub2

For more information see how to configure cloud-init data sources.

Build images with disk-image-builder

The disk-image-builder can be used to create user images required for deployment and the actual OS which the user is going to run.

  1. Partition images

    $ DIB_CLOUD_INIT_DATASOURCES="ConfigDrive, OpenStack" disk-image-create ubuntu baremetal grub2 dhcp-all-interfaces cloud-init-datasources -o my-image
  2. Whole disk images

    $ DIB_CLOUD_INIT_DATASOURCES="ConfigDrive, OpenStack" disk-image-create ubuntu vm dhcp-all-interfaces cloud-init-datasources -o my-image
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