Root disk partitions

Root disk partitions

Mogan supports custom partitions for root disk with partition images, meaning that users can specify partitions such as root_gb, ephemeral_gb, and swap_mb when claiming a server. But after the deployment the root partition may not like what your specified, as the backend driver makes the root partition the last partition which enables tools like cloud-init’s growroot utility to expand the root partition until the end of the disk.


Whole disk images, on the contrary, not support partitions, passing partitions to server creation results in a fault and will prevent the creation from happening.

#. To create server with partitions, use --partition parameter on the openstack baremetalcompute server create command.

For example:

$ openstack baremetalcompute server create --image IMAGE --flavor gold \
  --key-name KEY --availability-zone ZONE --partition root_gb=100 \
  --partition ephemeral_gb=200 --partition swap_mb=40960 \
  --nic net-id=UUID SERVER
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