Admin users can use the openstack baremetalcompute flavor command to customize and manage flavors. To see information for this command, run:

$ openstack baremetalcompute flavor [TAB]
create  delete  list    set     show    unset

Flavors define these elements:

Element Description
Name A descriptive name.
Description Typically used to put hardware specs and aggregates informations.
Resources Key and value pairs that corresponds to placement resource classes and amounts, like baremetal=1.
Resource Aggregates Key and value pairs that corresponds to node aggregates metadata.
Is Public Boolean value, whether flavor is available to all users or private to the project it was created in. Defaults to True.
Disabled Boolean value, whether flavor is available for new servers creation. It is intended to be used when phasing out flavors. Defaults to False.


Flavors are not allowed to be deleted if there are still live servers associated with it. You should disable it instead in such situation.

Is Public

Flavors can be assigned to particular projects. By default, a flavor is public and available to all projects. Private flavors are only accessible to those on the access list and are invisible to other projects. To create and assign a private flavor to a project, run this command:

$ openstack baremetalcompute flavor create --private p1.gold --description "gold" \
  --resources gold=1
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