Code Contribution Guide

Code Contribution Guide

This document provides some necessary points for developers to consider when writing and reviewing Mogan code. The checklist will help developers get things right.

Getting Started

If you’re completely new to OpenStack and want to contribute to the mogan project, please start by familiarizing yourself with the Infra Team’s Developer Guide. This will help you get your accounts set up in Launchpad and Gerrit, familiarize you with the workflow for the OpenStack continuous integration and testing systems, and help you with your first commit.

LaunchPad Project

Most of the tools used for OpenStack require a ID for authentication.

Mogan API RPC Versions

  • When the signature(arguments) of an RPC method is changed, the following things need to be considered:
  • The RPC version must be incremented and be the same value for both the client (engine/, used by mogan-api) and the server (engine/, used by mogan-engine).
  • New arguments of the method can only be added as optional. Existing arguments cannot be removed or changed in incompatible ways (with the method in older RPC versions).
  • Client-side can pin a version cap by passing version_cap to the constructor of oslo_messaging.RPCClient. Methods which change arguments should run client.can_send_version() to see if the version of the request is compatible with the version cap of RPC Client, otherwise the request needs to be created to work with a previous version that is supported.
  • Server-side should tolerate the older version of requests in order to keep working during the progress of live upgrade. The behavior of server-side should depend on the input parameters passed from the client-side.

Object Versions

  • When Object classes (subclasses of mogan.objects.base.MoganObject) are modified, the following things need to be considered:
  • The change of fields and the signature of remotable method needs a bump of object version.
  • The arguments of methods can only be added as optional, they cannot be removed or changed in an incompatible way.
  • Fields types cannot be changed. If it is a must, create a new field and deprecate the old one.
  • When new version objects communicate with old version objects, obj_make_compatible() will be called to convert objects to the target version during serialization. So objects should implement their own obj_make_compatible() to remove/alter attributes which was added/changed after the target version.
  • There is a test (object/ to generate the hash of object fields and the signatures of remotable methods, which helps developers to check if the change of objects need a version bump. The object fingerprint should only be updated with a version bump.
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